Christophe HEURTAUX





23:54 XuTSMonitor Révision 5: Removing unused imports.
23:50 XuTSMonitor Révision 4: Adding RBLCheck support :
* IPv4 for the moment.
Need to be validated in real situation.


19:18 XuTSMonitor Révision 3: Adding support for SSL Sockets and HTTPS handler.
17:58 XuTSMonitor Révision 2: First Release :
* DNS implementation (using dnsjava) : resolving IPv4/IPv6 and MX records.
* Two operatonal handlers :
> * SMTP (usi...
17:56 XuTSMonitor Révision 1: Share project "xuTSMonitor" into "http://subversion.lan.stux6.net/svn/XuTSMonitor"


02:29 Pulse Audio Selector Indicator indicator-paselector-0.0.6.tar.gz
indicator-paselector v0.0.6
02:22 Pulse Audio Selector Indicator Révision 27: Created v0.0.6 from trunk.
Tests for command existence added.
Updated translation.
02:19 Pulse Audio Selector Indicator Révision 26: Added tests to enable/disable menu items if command exist or not.
Added 'Help link'.
Updated gettext template and French translation.
00:56 Pulse Audio Selector Indicator Révision 25: Created v0.0.5 from trunk.
Bug correction and updated language files.
00:53 Pulse Audio Selector Indicator Révision 24: Updated gettext translation template, and language files for French translation.

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